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Terry Kirkland Cook is a Professional Photographer as well as a Professional Artist working in many mediums. She is an unusual individual in that she has mastered many creative venues with an artistic and creative excellence and Photography is a profession she wields with a fresh exuberance and an innate authority.

Terry artistically captures magical images of significant precious moments frozen in time that can then be cherished and reflected on over and over for generations to come. Her images are known to evoke a spontaneous excitement, energy and a passion that the viewer can truly savor. She refers to her photography as Visual Music for the heart and the soul.

Natural light is something Terry sees as the purest truth so she prefers to shoot in natural light settings whenever she can. She exudes creativity and is always carefully studying her subjects and her surroundings for that perfect opportunity when a photograph can become magic.

Terry is the owner of Found Feather Farm, Inc. along with her husband and her family and it is on this farm that her artistic world came to full fruition. She owns and breeds a majestic herd of Gypsy Horses and is inspired by them and many other animals every day.
You can visit her farm on the web at http://www.foundfeatherfarm.com

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